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Sunday, May 10, 2009

What is an Adam's Apple?

We Made Our Promise, We Were In Love

Off To The Races, originally uploaded by p.m.w.
Taken on
September 20, 2007 at 8.42am PDT

Posted to Flickr
October 19, 2008 at 12.40am PDT

i was on vacation...when i saw this...a horse and carriage...i imagined he was racing the i took this pic...the title comes from my buddy in the yard...who always taught me a little something about numbers...he's a controller of we're off to the races!

...who's going to win...the horse and carriage were trying to race home...because someone was stealing their fire wood...

Uploaded by p.m.w on 19 Oct 08, 12.40AM PDT.
hiya stuck in customs i would like to add your foto here is that ok??? i will add it and it you don't like let me know...i'm not sure if this is ok???...thank you...sorry...learning some look really good here...nic shot rebekkah i love this (i just found rebekkah and her blog...she just updated thanks :)


Technology and attitude, by an order of magnitude, originally uploaded by Stuck in Customs.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Spending a day with the Amish in a small unmarked area of remote Pennsylvania.

My brother said it appears as though I am stealing wood from Amish children.

Uploaded by Stuck in Customs on 28 Jul 06, 11.05AM PDT.

Stuck In Customs Comments from his friends around the world ( i would've added them all but best you go visit his stream)

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Stuck in Customs Pro User says:

I was somewhere between Allegheny and Tionesta... This is also where I took this picture:

This is Nathaniel
Posted 35 months ago. ( permalink )
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Stuck in Customs Pro User says:

I was in Erie at a conference on economics with a Libertarian think-tank, and I had a few spare afternoon so I went off into the wild to get lost.
Posted 35 months ago. ( permalink )
I have had several interactions with the Amish in Wisconsin and the children that I have met have such a great curiosity. Great shots! Like Sudoku said, check out "Devil's Playground." Very interesting documentary!
Posted 35 months ago. ( permalink )
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Stuck in Customs Pro User says:

Thanks for that suggestion. I will put that into my movie pile to watch.
Posted 35 months ago. ( permalink )
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/\ltus Pro User says:

This part of a program that the Amish sponsor?

Cool title to the shot!
Posted 35 months ago. ( permalink )
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Stuck in Customs Pro User says:

Thanks all. :)

I was there with a friend from this economics/libertarian think-tank... I tossed her my D70 and she clicked away. I then took the best one and did a bit of photoshop action on it, as I am wont to do.
Posted 35 months ago. ( permalink )
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.tintin. says:

Great shot
Posted 31 months ago. ( permalink )
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Stuck in Customs Pro User says:

Thanks. Well, that is true Rebecca... but I was hanging out with the kids for most of the day, and they had yet to have those rules inculcated as yet.

They were not that different than these kids below, who are also shut off from technology, but still fascinated by it:

Buddha School
Posted 31 months ago. ( permalink )
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Stuck in Customs Pro User says:

Well kids ask questions and want to expand their mind before society / parents choose to shut off certain paths of thought as dangerous. In the free-mind, free-thinker sense, I have no moral issue at all with introducing new ideas to closed minds
Posted 31 months ago. ( permalink )
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Stuck in Customs Pro User says:

Well I respect all religions and that should be obvious from my stream. I do think that some strains of religions seek to close off free thought, however.

The Amish are not completely shut off from technology. In 1991, for example, a group of Amish carpenters got together to build a clinic for the somatic gene therapy of their children with inherited problems.
Posted 31 months ago. ( permalink )
An Adam's apple is an anatomical structure which appears primarily in males. Because it develops during puberty, biologists classify it as a secondary sexual characteristic. The size of an Adam's apple can vary widely; some are extremely prominent, while others are less pronounced, and they even appear enlarged on some women as well as men. The primary purpose of the structure is to protect the delicate voicebox from injuries.

The official name for the Adam's apple is the prominentia laryngea. It is composed of cartilage which surrounds the larynx. As the larynx grows during puberty, the cartilage enlarges to accommodate it, creating a bump. Over time, an Adam's apple will grow quite solid; young people have soft, flexible cartilage, while older people have more bony protrusions. In some cases, people find an Adam's apple aesthetically undesirable, and they undergo a surgery known as a trachea shave, in which the Adam's apple is greatly reduced in size.

Her Evening Elegance, originally uploaded by Stuck in Customs.
Taken on
March 21, 2009 at 8.34am CDT

Posted to Flickr
March 24, 2009 at 12.15am CDT

A Texas sunset settled on the farm as we patiently waited for the sky to repaint itself every few minutes.

It was a very relaxing hour, watching the sun slowly descend through the clouds, interrupted on occasion by a stressful swapping of lenses. I hate to get dust in the chamber, so the changing of lenses is always a high-anxiety event! But the anxiety faded away pretty quick as we started watching the sunset again.

My friend Leslie had invited me out to her parent's farm near Brady. She's an actress, a model, a photographer, and a bunch of other creative things... so I had told her I would spend equal amounts of time shooting the farm, her animals, and her. It's the old 33/33/33 rule of farm-shooting. Anyway, I am sure some of you would rather see photos of her... and still others of her animals... but I can't make everyone happy at once, so you'll just have to wait a few weeks for me to sprinkle those in! Until then, I hope you enjoy the sunset.

Updates may be slow in coming days... I'll be spending about two weeks on an adventure in Patagonia... keep your eye on for the latest! :)

Thanks everyone for your comments! :) I read them all!

Uploaded by Stuck in Customs on 24 Mar 09, 10.15PM PDT.
There are two conflicting explanations for the origin of the common name for the thyroid cartilage in men. Some people say that it is a reference to the fact that it looks like of like a chunk of apple stuck in the throat, so the name is linked with Adam's consumption of the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. Others say that it is a result of mistranslation from the Hebrew tappuach ha adam, which just means “male bump.” The second explanation is probably more likely; many such malapropisms from Greek, Hebrew, and Latin can be found in modern English.

As people with Adam's apples know, the growth of this structure is associated with a change in voice. As men mature, their voices deepen and sometimes become more rough as well. The period in which the Adam's apple develops is often marked by wild fluctuations in the male voice, as the vocal cords settle into their new size. Men with especially large protrusions can also see and feel the movement of the cartilage as they swallow and speak.

Technically, everyone has a prominentia laryngea, even if it's not visible. You can feel this cartilage in your throat by finding your voicebox; start by humming and feeling your throat to feel the source of the vibration. When you find the larynx, you have also found your thyroid cartilage, since it encircles your voicebox. If you are younger, this anatomical structure probably feels soft and almost spongy, and you may be able to change the pitch and timber of your voice by gently manipulating your thyroid cartilage.

dancing at the temple gate dance with me wolverine
Patagonia in Autumn from Trey Ratcliff on Vimeo.
This is a short film I made while in Patagonia. It is a collection of things I found pretty and moving during 45 km of backpacking across the southernmost tip of Argentina. We were just a few glaciers away from was rough and wild. I don't want to say anything more about it, but instead just let you enjoy it.
This is from the blog at


P.S. my heart sank note June 8th...the video said not available...when that happens, my insides coil and start to turn...i hope the videos i like never stop playing...1:18 PST 4:18pm EST

new note below 6 / 9 do you want the red or the blue number?



view profile MoniPeni says:
"I think Stuck in Customs has the travelling life most of us want to have. He's a fantastic photographer. He captures images of the travel dream world of books and pictures we grew up with; when we were kids and everything sounded so deliciously foreign and misterious."
view profile secretsamba says:
"I had never heard of HDR when I started flickring and was completely shocked the first time I saw his stream: hey this is no fair, this guy is cheating and he must be stopped... My numerous attempts to stop him failed so I just started cheating as well.

It's all been said, love the pictures, simply amazing. Great guy, very accessible (he really tries)."
view profile [bridget] says:
"Simply - AM-A-Z-ING!!!!"
view profile mephistofales says:
"Tre's photos are beautiful, there's no doubt about that... as a matter of fact if you doubt it you need to have your head examined and possible shaken, violently. But more than that, Tre is a very generous individual that has answered numerous brainless questions I've sent his way. Thank you so much for your insights, your pixels and your tutorials."
view profile artur.borzecki says:
"I'm very happy that i have found Trey. Honestly it was by accident - when i was looking for HDR images. Now i check his photo stream few times per day. Each of his photos are unique and stylish. Thanks to Trey i have discovered many new techniques in photography. Thank you Trey for sharing your work!"
view profile *IGORB81* says:
"I'm so glad I found Trey! What a fantastic photographer and artist he is at the same time! I learn from him everyday there is an endless inspiration for me on this photo stream! Thank you for being my friend! I'm looking forward to every photo you upload my dear friend!"
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"Amazing work. Such an inspiration. The reason why I started experimenting with HDR."
view profile Sandmania says:
"Trey is one of my fav flickr photographers. His images are so unique I get lost inside alot of his work. His images are very creative, artistic, and beautiful.
His use of HDR is superb and the composition of his photo's always compliment the colours, the tones and detail thus giving his photo's their own personalities. It is a pleasure to look at your work. A feast for the eyes."
view profile D Kwon photography says:
"Trey's work captures the world as some of us fail to see it--beautiful. :]"
view profile arranging constellations says:
"absolute creative and artistic genius!
this is the first testimonial i have written. i have been a contact for quite a while but it was viewing the set Portfolio:the best, that moved me to write this!
envy at such an amazing talent is completely quashed by my admiration for your skill and ability!
keep up the good work!!"
view profile hkvam says:
"Trey, your work is just phenomenal.
Each and every time I visit your stream there is always something there to surprise me.
You have travelled the world and given us a chance to be there with you through your images, your unique views on the world around you.
You have told us stories, you've made us grin, smile, frown.
And all with what comes naturally for you; creating perfect images, remnants of moments you have lived but chosen to show to others.
Amazing work, my friend. Thank you so much for sharing."
view profile CSat says:
"The way he sees and captures the world is simply amazing. He makes the rest of us see things in a different light. His entire stream is simply outstanding..."
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"He's able to offer a different 'stunning' approach to photography, very personal and highly professional. Definitely one of the best artists on flickr."
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"This guy changed my way of seeing the world!"
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"“In my opinion, you are by far the best HDR Photographer on flickr, better yet the best I’ve ever seen. Your work is truly inspirational and uniquely crafted. I'm just blown away by your photos on how fascinating, and ultimately your achievement of perfection.”

I love your tutorials by the way, incredibly helpful

“Ray” – X y L e -"
view profile EncinoMan says:
"The colorful, vibrant, animated, and visceral images
by Trey radiate from the screen and consciously linger
for weeks. I study, admire and peer at his subjects,
methods, and artistic techniques. His frequent travel
around the globe enables him to best express his
artistic talent, capturing the essence of these exotic
locations and their cultures. His compositions
simultaneously educate, entertain, and stimulate the
visual sense. His images inspire me to be a better
view profile A.alFoudry says:
"this is the best HDR photographer i have ever seen
wish you all the best :)"
view profile NabiscoCookies says:
"Wow is sometimes all I can say to myself everytime I look at one of your new photos (also accompanied with amazing, awesome, beautiful, incredible...and more!). I never ceased to be amazed every time I see another great image on my contact's images page, and it's no surprise that you've made such an impact on many people all over the world on flickr. Keep up the great work!"
view profile lifefreezer says:
"I am so happy that this guy travels...I am even happier that he takes us with him, with his images. He has a camera and is not afraid to use it. He is one of the photographers here on flickr, that I can't wait to check in on. He hasn't dissappointed me yet, and I have a feeling, he is going to take me places, that I could not hope to visit.
Thank you Trey for being our guide through this world we live in."
view profile ridgerunnerlyman says:
"Trey, you have earned a lot of high praise for your work, and you obviously get it on flickr. I am a web-posted art photo viewing junkie, so a see a lot. Your work alone motivated me to sign up for flickr.

You correctly say you change image reproduction to force the mind to process images differently. Your photos are a terrific composite of the varying impressions the careful observer gets from viewing a scene in person. They thus best convey the feeling of the viewing as well as the impression in a way that I have not encountered before. I think you are really on to something here.

Have you considered more beach photography, especially big wave and big sky combinatons? With your incredible sky photography, the big surf and great skies of the North Coast of Oahu, Rapa Nui, or even Puerto Escondido in Mexico and many other sites could yield some shots that would potentially blow the mind. Not to mention, would be highly marketable to several magazines.

Thank you for sharing your amazing body of work."
view profile Zen Me says:
"All i can say is that out of everyone on 'Stuck in Customs' actually puts me in the frame of everyone of his pictures. They are breathtaking and seem to imprint themselves in my mind for the rest of the day/week. Thanks again, im looking forward to many more pictures!"
view profile isisbi says:
"magnific,like modern Magritte surealist, bravo et merci
view profile iamlmg7 says:
"You are a Fantastic Artist, Perhaps the Best I have seen. You have a great Gift and I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful work!!"
view profile iceman9294 says:
You are a true leader on Flickr and I appreciate your work and inspiration. Thank you for producing great quality work that pushes all of us to the next level! Personally I've grown in skill over the last few months learning from you and many of the other members of the "Brilliant Cabal." I look forward to seeing what we all can create in 2007!"
view profile Urban Philosophy says:
"The only word to describe your images is 'awesome'. Totally meant in it's true context as well.

I say 'wow' to myself upon viewing EVERY single one of your pictures. Your work makes me wish I had an HDR switch on my eyes to view the world as your images portray it."
view profile Lyncis says:
"So, you have great use of HDR! Even if that's a bit differ from my point of view on tone-mapping — respect. Even if I envy for your number of comments — you're doing right and great job. Thanks."
view profile Pistol Pete' says:
"Great traditional photography skills + Great Eye + Bold man +HDR guru = Trey. Thanks for all your help"
view profile The GC Four says:
view profile .tintin. says:
"When I saw his photos first time on flickr I was just awestruck by their beauty. There's a lot to learn from his pictures.

I think I shall better go and learn something now !!
Thanks Trey for all the help......"
view profile pete63_uk says:
"I can honestly say that I have been awe struck by the wonderful images Trey has put together here on flickr. They are inspiring and seeing them makes me want to jump on a jet plane and go to all those wonderful locations. For someone who I don't know, who came out of nowhere, that is a remarkable achievement. May he post many more and amaze us still further with his fabulous wizardry and totally awesome eye for what makes a photo truly great....Well done Trey ."
view profile potatoe says:
"trey is actually peter parker in disguise.

i refuse to comment on his shooting style and photography because we all know he do what he do best, purely because he can.

you have all my respect - king of HDR."
view profile Unparalleled says:
"You show peoples lives in a great way... all of your photos have emotion."
view profile ariffjrs says:
"thank you trey for adding me as ur contact ...
am still new in photography...n ur photos inspired me to go deeper into this newly hobby of mine.
view profile mliebenberg says:
"Trey, has been a great encourager by influencing me to take better pictures. His style of HDR shots are a great example to us who like HDR. He is a great photographer with a great sense for space and perspective.

I appreciate you for my Flickr friend Trey!"
view profile twocentsworth says:
"There are many great photographers on Flickr but Trey has that special eye for great photographs and coupled with his post processing skills, the results are just phenomenal. What impressed me most about Try also was his quick response in replying to questions I had about his HDR techniques. He was very eager to share his techniques and methods and there aren't too many photographers out there who are keen on sharing their secrets! Trey - keep up the great work!"
view profile morgan frederick. says:
"Stuck in Customs has awesome pictures in his photostream, most are amazing!!!! Trey, you are such a great, wonnderful, idyllic photographer!!!!

I especially like the picture of the "Mulitple Horizons @ the Train Station." (forgive me if I spelled the title wrong, Trey.) The water reflects so beautifully! He has so many gorgeous photos on his stream, I may not be able to count them all, or even fave them all in a 24-hour time period! He has a very strong, true natural ability to catch the perfect shot! Since Trey has so many testimonials, i said to myself, "I too may as well write a nice testimonial for Trey!" Trey, you are deserving for all of these nice people's comments about you!!"
view profile CharlieBrown8989 says:

I never have a chance to meet him when I was in Texas. Thanks is due to & the internet technology.

From his site here I can see that he is a great Digital imaging Artists who never failed to Learn & Improve his knowledge.

He is very kind in sharing his knowledge & skill be it in flickr groups' or his personal site. I am very much impress with his loving kindness & caring & sharing attitude to our global net community.

You are great my friend!!"
view profile toastforbrekkie says:
"Where's the button for "fave entire photostream?"

I can't look at Trey's work without the overwhelming urge to click that little pink star. If you like his landscapes, wait 'til you get a load of his portraits. I wasn't the biggest HDR fan before coming across Trey's stream, but he uses it to great effect. And I don't know what he does for a living, but anyone who travels that much is OK in my book.

Do yourself a favor and make him a contact RIGHT NOW. You won't be disappointed."
view profile Pink Beret says:
"Trey's true talent lies in his sharp ability to see a gripping story unfolding in everyday life. Behind his amazing photos lies a compelling drama of everyday people, places, and things. He weaves us through them with his technical ingenuity, stamina and brave renditions. My daily work with the PC screen will never be the same with Flickr's best of the best! Cheers, Maria"
view profile Mikael Fennhagen says:
"Tray "Stuck in Customs" has a very beautiful photostream that I can recommend everyone to watch. I can watch Trays photos for hours, beacuse his photos inspire me alot. This man know how to do HDR photos, and I think that he is the best HDR photographer i know here on flickr. His photos are sharp and interesting, and he is not afraid of trying different angles. As everyone else I'm proud to have him as a contact!
Keep up your good work Tray!
Best regaurds / Mikael Fennhagen"
view profile snowriderguy says:
"I first noticed Trey's work when I discovered some of the HDR work on flickr. His is top notch. But what really excited me the most was his magnificant photographs of Italy. Memories of my own trip to Capri, Rome, and Pompei came flooding back to me as I clicked my mouse over his images. My heart skipped a beat!!!"
view profile Valpopando says:
"Stuck in Custom
it has been one of mine first contacts in flickr is a best photographer, a monster in the use of the HDR, a true friend, thanks to he have been known very many others customers, the only defect is that my photo does not have never chosen one between preferred in “Winners - The Interestingnessnessness Menagerie of Spectacles " hehehehehe!!!!!"
view profile mattsonster says:
"Stuck_In_Customs is by far the best HDR photographer i know. His photoes are always bright, sharp and interesting. I like different angles and diversity of his shots.
I'm proud to have contacts like this)
Best regards, Oleg / mattson"
view profile neutral_force says:
"You have taken some of the best photos i've ever seen!
The only thing i can say is that i am demanding to see more!!!"
view profile CORpicX says:
"Gosh, what do i say...... Oh I know. Trey is the best HDR photographer on the internet, in the WORLD! haha, well as i looked through all his pics, I saw that most were not HDR, which surprised me a little. But it didn't matter, becasue the HDR pics that he does have, well they are just darn AWESOME, and the BEST!

I am happy to have Trey as a flickr contact, and I enjoy viewing his really cool pics every day.

view profile Ev Lloyd says:
"S.I.C..Trey in other words....
Has been a never ending source of inspiration to develop my own skills.
His HDR photography is ridiculously good, and he's a top bloke to boot!
And of course, when theres a question that needs answering, if he has the answer, he'll glady help out.
All the best to you my friend!, Heres to a long and sucessful photography career!"
view profile Jonnyfez says:
"Trey is a very good and inspirational photographer and has his own style that seems to be continually evolving.

He helped me get started with HDR which I knew nothing about (and still dont know much)

If in the future I can produce stuff half as good as some of his shots I will be very happy.

Thanks for your help Trey"
view profile /\ltus says:
"Trey in my opinion is in the top percentile of HDR shooters out there. He has superb talent for the shots he takes, and the HDR rendering of them.

It's a person like this that I wish Flickr would come out with a "fave all pictures this person has" button to save me the time of going through all the shots and faving them one by one!

He also gives a lot more to the Flickr community beyond his shots in that he is most interested to see, learn, and comment about others and their shots, which makes him a model Flickr netizen.

Best of all he hails from Austin, Texas; my alma mater and namesake of my second son!"
view profile ciemor says:
"Just a few hours ago I became a contact of Trey's and like Jodi I was immediately awestruck. The enthusiasm and love of life,family and friends is evident by his stunning photos.I am on-call at home tonight and was fortunate to have time to go through nearly every set. I look forward to seeing more of the world through Trey's eyes!"
view profile jodi_tripp says:
"StuckinCustoms is my newest contact. I have to say that I have never wirtten a testimonial for someone I just met! I was stunned by the beauty of his work. He masterfully captures beauty all around him. The Hdr and landscapes are Top Notch! If you have not checked out his stream, you neeed to. It is Fabulous. I was shocked to see that he had not received any testimonials yet, so I feel honored to be the first! Sit back and enjoy his work, you will be glad that you did!"